‘Size does matter’ – Traveling exhibition released

Hanneke Vos
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One of our latest personal projects is the ‘Size does matter’ Bugs Project. With this series, we wanted to create the opportunity to take a look at photography the way it deserves to be looked at.

‘Nowadays, photography is more populair than ever. We consume more images than ever before, due to social media, smart phones etc. Everyone is able to quickly share and see photo’s during the whole day. And we do. Only, because of where and how we consume all this image data, we hardly ever really look at real printed photographs any more, we see images on a screen not bigger than a couple of inches. Photography is worth looking at ! In the highest quality ever. Size does matter.’

This project started in the beginning of 2015, when Edo realized that although everyone who works within advertising expects a photographer to work in the highest quality standards, a lot of times they choose a photographer just on the quality of images that someone shows on their website or that they see on Instagram..

We are, nowadays, so used to be looking at small screens, tablets or just smart phones, that we hardly realize anymore, that quality really matters when the size does matter. Not only in technical specifications like numbers of pixels, but also in the way on how a photographer works with light and composition.

‘The right light and composition will differ towards the size of in which we use the photo- graph.’
That of course is true in advertising, but not only in advertising, also in personal art work. This made Edo decide to start the project ‘Size does matter’ to show that size does matter. The first series in this project is the series ‘BUGS’.

Edo Kars has been photographing digitally for a long time with Phase One, probably the highest standard in photography we can find these days. At the moment Edo shoots with a digital back that has 80Mp on a sensor of 53×40 mm, each pixel is 5.2×5.2 micron. He uses the highest quality Schneider lenses.

That all seems like technical crap, but on the other hand, it is the beginning of the high quality showed in his personal (and advertising) work. Fascinated by natures details in tiny little bugs, Edo decided to shoot these animals in very close up. Not like we have seen before with a macro lens in nature, no he decided to bring the little creatures into the studio and light them in the same way as that Edo lights his studio car photography. With the same technical approach but than on a scale two hundred and fifty times smaller. He used his regular lenses but just extended the distance between the lens and the digital back to make sure he could get close enough.

Being this close, his focus field was only about 1mm wide (or thick), so he had to shoot the animals in about 8 images and combined the shots in layers in post production to get the bugs fully in focus.

The final images are blown up to different sizes, even up to bigger than 6.7 ft x 3.3 ft still showing the amazing details. They will officially be shown to the public for the first time in this size during the LXRY Fair this December in Amsterdam. Before hand, the exhibition is going around in advertising agencies in Europe, to make advertising agencies aware that ‘Size does matter’.

The series ‘BUGS’ are awarded by the IPA and they made it into the Communication Arts 2015 as well as into the Luerzers Archive ‘200 best ad photographers 2016/2017’.
Edo Kars is in the US represented by Marilyn Cadenbach, his fine art is represented by Okker Art Gallery, Amsterdam.

If you are interested in having this exhibition for a couple of weeks, please contact us!

In the near future, we will replace this exhibition with something new.


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