Banking on the go

Hanneke Vos
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Dutch Bank ABN AMRO recently launched a new campaign promoting financing as a link to the future, and they drew on Edo’s technical prowess and problem solving abilities to bring their bold new concept to life.

Leaving no stone unturned, Edo built a 3-D version of the truck, giving him the details he needed to determine the scale of the opening in the truck trailer, as well as camera height and which lens to use to get the right perspective.


With all of the advance preparation, the only thing left to do on the shoot day was wait for the weather to clear before shooting the backplate and the HDRI roundshot.  Back in the studio, Edo photographed the driver, and then phase 2 of the real work began – putting all of those pieces together in post.  Once again, Edo made things look easy, thanks to the skills of his team with Maya, Nuke and Photoshop. The CGI was done in cooperation with The Ambassadors Amsterdam and post production was done in cooperation with the House of Retouch Amsterdam.

For all of you ‘how did he do that?’ geeks out there, we’ve included a few ‘making of’ images below, but we want to offer a few words of caution  – don’t try this at home!

(Post: Thelma Louise @ Marilyn Cadenbach)

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