New personal work ‘Light of Life’ & ‘Wraith’

Hanneke Vos
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In this news item, we’d like to share our most recent art project, which consists of two series that were shot in the historic Prinsengracht-hospital in the center of Amsterdam. This oldest hospital of Amsterdam that operated from 1857, closed its doors in the last year. We were given permission to take photographs, before the building is going to be renovated and gets a new (commercial) destination.

At the time of the shoot, almost all the furniture was taken out, but the rest was untouched, so you could sense the history. The atmosphere inside was very special and intriguing, knowing that many lives were saved and that so many people have been working there with the endless dedication to cure people. The old morgue downstairs was silently telling the story of the ones that did not make it. 

In the first series ‘The Light of Life’ Edo chose to not show any details of the hospital itself as for many the stay within the hospital will be remembered as an ‘abstract’ period in their lives. Instead, in this series he expressed the sense of the light of life that was saved or lost for many souls. This series consist of 5 photographs. With this series, Edo Kars received an honorable mention in IPA (Int’l Photography Awards).

Because Edo was very intrigued by the atmosphere within the historic building, which was about to disappear forever. He went back again for a second series. With this photographs, he expresses the sense that one gets when standing in the empty rooms. The rooms where the hospital beds used to be, where babies saw the light for the first time, where people suffered from pain and disease, where people recovered, where souls were lost.

The physical traces of time, can be seen on the walls, on the floors. But more than that, the traces of the souls can be felt. Edo wanted to express this invisible sense by photographing a person in the room, and reducing her to an appeareance of a soul that is still there. This resulted in three different photo’s, the series ‘Wraith’.

‘Light of Life’


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